Selling a home is not an exact science. The Jacobs-Alfonso Group prides themselves in their ability to put the right selling price on the home from the start. Many agents artificially inflate the asking price to their sellers in order to obtain the listing. Once the property is listed, the agent is constantly looking for price reductions from the seller.

"We like to put the right price on the property from the beginning. The home is the hottest when it first hits the market and we like to take advantage of that." says Joel Jacobs.

We have turned down many listings because the seller insists on marketing their property at a price that is not realistic. When the listing expires, due to its overpricing, the seller only remembers that you could not sell their home. We do not want that type of recognition. Our goal is to sell the home for the most money, in the least amount of time, and with minimal inconvenience to the owner.

The ability to realize what a buyer is looking for is also one of the strengths of The Group. Most buyers end up buying homes that are quite different from what they originally described to their agent. It takes a keen sense and an ability to read into people to match them with their perfect dream home.

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