The Property Management Advantage

We at The Jacobs-Alfonso Group are licensed, certified property management specialists, serving primarily investors, homeowners, and lending institutions across the nation and abroad.

Since 1995, we have dedicated ourselves to building and maintaining long term relationships with clients and positive relationships with tenants to ensure our client's satisfaction.

Our Professional Services Include:

  • Property Inspection
  • Thorough Tenant Qualifications
  • Lease Preparation and Renewals
  • Daily Bill Payment (Mortgage, Associations, etc.)
  • All repairs are done by licenced and insured professionals
  • Monthly Account Statements

We are committed to providing the most professional effective property management services available!!

Most critical in leasing your property is ensuring the tenants will abide by the provisions of the lease. We conduct extensive and thorough tenant qualification procedures including credit reports, employment verification and previous landlord referrals on every prospective tenant. We perform periodic spot checks, administer tenant relation calls, and in the unlikely event, serve appropriate legal notices.

We take the time to understand your particular leasing requirements and utilize professional lease addendums' for issues such as vacancy clauses and other negotiated items.

As clients of The Jacobs-Alfonso Group, you are assured your property is marketed for rent by seasoned professionals with a proven track record for fulfilling leases quickly with reputable tenants. We are dedicated to maintaining positive tenant relations while adhering to prudent management practices. Our Commitment to property management enables us to provide exceptional service.

Property Management Is Our Business, Not Our Sideline.

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